Psychologist & Counselling Job Opportunities

REFLECTION PSYCHOLOGY (like so many other Mental Health Organisations) are looking for Wonderful Practitioners to join our team in helping us support the very high demand for our services.

See the positions we have available on LinkedIn or send a message to regarding your interest to be part of the team.

Our Point Of Difference:

If the Covid Pandemic has taught us anything in our field – it has been about re-assessing the value of our time and who and what is most important to us in our personal lives. For myself it has given me the push I needed to go back to focusing on what I always set out to do when starting a Psychology Practice almost 15 years ago. Whilst I have always maintained a solid focus on Client Care, Collegial Support and ensuring I avoided a ‘Churn and Burn’ type model, Covid and Lockdowns has given me even more clarity on the importance of this and in particular in a time when Flexi-Work in our field whilst beneficial in some ways – may lead to the very opposite of that.

I therefore decided to start putting this into action whilst also realising the need to be innovative and ‘with-the-times’ for both clients and practitioners alike.

I have downsized my Practice to 2 wonderful Locations in Camberwell and Mckinnon from the previous 4 – purely to ensure that Quality continues to be prioritised over Quantity.

I have maintained my on-site phenomenal Practice Manager and 5 other Administration/Reception Team (All Psychs in training) to ensure the quality of support and engagement remain for both clients and practitioners.

I have brought in a wonderful long term colleague of mine to join me as a Co-Director of the Business to ensure that my time is healthily spread between my own clients and my wonderful team.

We have developed like many others during the pandemic and before that – extremely efficient support systems both Tech and People wise to allow for Flexi work to occur when required to suit both Client need and Practitioner need. This means high capability for In-session or Tele-Health Consulting from work or home.

However – I believe whole heartedly that the most effective therapeutic benefits for clients still exist when we are sitting in a room with them and I also believe that the work satisfaction and healthy longevity of a practitioner occurs when they are surrounded and supported by Colleagues together with the value of Separating Work Life from Home Life wherever possible. This can also be seen in trends shifting from our extensive waitlist of clients who are now wanting to see a Psychologist in-person.

Psychologist & Counselling Career Opportunities

With that all said, we have opportunities available at Reflection Psychology Group for passionate Psychologists who share aligned values to join our team. Telehealth options are available to be incorporated as part of a necessary working schedule however high preference for now and certainly in the future is for ongoing Face-to-Face Consulting in our fabulous premises. We also have exciting Supervision and Professional Development Programs planned for this year and are also open to consultants who enjoy running Group Work. We have an abundance of clients in need with an even stronger need at the moment for Adolescents.

We are open to Contractor, Part-Time or Full-Time positions of employment for the right candidate.

Please email any questions, feedback and of course interest to