Counselling for conflict resolution Camberwell, Fitzroy and McKinnon

If your company is experiencing underlying tension or a lack of cohesion either between individuals, within teams or at an inter-departmental level, assistance from an experienced conflict resolution psychologist can help restore morale, motivation and productivity.

Reflection Psychology Group has highly skilled corporate counsellors and coaches who work with individuals and groups to provide a comprehensive conflict resolution service and restore better working conditions. Our counselling interventions lead to more original ideas, better coordination, increased job satisfaction and increased output.

Our psychologists in Camberwell, Fitzroy and McKinnon can conduct assessments or run workshops to build morale in the workplace. Employees can be interviewed independently before recommendations such as team-building workshops, professional development or personal coaching are made by the organisational psychologist and are reported to the appropriate sources.

Reflection Psychology Group has highly experienced corporate psychologists and therapists who provide counselling services that specialise in assisting organisations address issues that may be affecting their culture and productivity or who just wish to further enhance the strengths of the group.

If you are seeking highly skilled organisational psychologists to assist your business, contact our psychology clinics online or call us on (03) 9809 4888. We also provide EAP counselling and can help if you require a counsellor for workplace bullying support.