EAP counselling providers Fitzroy, Camberwell and McKinnon

Reflection Psychology Group is an organisation made up of around 20 experienced registered psychologists based in five locations. We offer the highest standard of EAP counselling services across Melbourne.

Tailored EAP counselling packages

Reflection Psychology Group is able to develop and arrange tailor-made EAP packages that suit both the budget and need of small, medium or large organisations. Research shows that offering health services to your employees not only shows them genuine care but the services and subsequent outcomes themselves tend to improve individuals’ work satisfaction, performance and the overall culture of the organisation.

Our EAP provider package

A Reflection Psychology Group EAP package might be one where employees of an organisation and/or their families (living under the same roof) will be able to access up to four EAP counselling sessions per year with a psychologist in one of our locations most convenient to the employee. The EAP counsellor will also be available to provide on-site counselling when requested by the organisation.

The employee will be able to call our reception team who are available to take bookings and enquiries between 8:30am and 8:30pm Monday to Friday as well as from 9am-5pm on Saturdays. Our psychologists are able to see clients between 7am-9pm during the week and 8am-6pm on a Saturday. As with all our clients, the reception team will warmly engage with the employee and work out the most suitable EAP psychologist for the employee including the most suitable day and time with minimal waiting periods. In the event that the psychologist strongly believes that further consultations would be highly effective in assisting the employee after the four sessions have taken place, two more consultations may be possible if prior approval has been given by the organisation.

Confidentiality and reports

Confidentiality and anonymity are guaranteed. Employees will not be identified in any way to their organisation unless consent is given in special circumstances. The Reflection Psychology Group team will, however, provide quarterly reports to the organisation with common trends and recommendations overall in order to assist the business to continue providing the best culture and working environment for its employees.

Contact Reflection Psychology Group online or call (03) 9809 4888 for further information about our EAP counselling, or to make a booking to discuss any of our other counselling, including psychology-based corporate services.