Corporate workshops with our psychologists in Camberwell, Fitzroy and McKinnon

Mental Health issues are probably the most common yet least understood factors in life. It is fairly common that mental health or stress levels can be a major source of difficulty within the workforce and only further enhances the likelihood of tension and conflict in the working arena.

Mental health in the workplace and conflict prevention workshop

The team of experienced psychologists at Reflection Psychology Group have developed a Mental Health in the Workplace and Conflict Prevention Workshop for organisations. This is a two-hour presentation that can be tailored to suit the needs of the organisation.

Key objectives

  • To provide participants with a better understanding and greater awareness of common mental health conditions in the workplace.
  • To provide participants with effective and practical strategies to assist staff members who are experiencing a mental health issue.
  • To provide participants with a greater understanding of common causes of workplace conflict.
  • To provide participants with strategies to prevent or minimise workplace conflict.
  • To provide participants with tools to effectively manage workplace conflict in their organisation.


The full cost of the workshop presentation is $50 per person attending at one of the Reflection Psychology Group locations or $60 per person if our counsellors have to travel and the workshop presentation is to take place at your organisation’s location (minimum cost $400).

Call Reflection Psychology Group on (03) 9809 4888 or contact us online for more information about our corporate workshops. A psychologist-led anger management workshop, therapist-devised Couples ReConnecting, Mindfulness 101 and Practical Parenting are among our range of workshops.