Grief counselling psychologists Fitzroy, Camberwell and McKinnon

Reflection Psychology Group has experienced psychologists in McKinnon, Fitzroy and Camberwell and they are able to provide professional grief and loss counselling to help people through a bereavement.

Grieving is a natural emotional response to the loss of someone or something. The death of a loved one can cause the most intense bereavement a person may experience and bereavement counselling can provide coping mechanisms to better handle the grief. Other kinds of loss such as the end of a relationship, sudden unemployment or the passing of a family pet can be just as emotionally overwhelming. People may feel their lives have been turned upside down or experience emotions such as disbelief, detachment, extreme sadness, loneliness and anger and grief and loss counselling can be enormously beneficial.

If you are seeking professional grief counselling to assist you with grief or loss, book a consultation with one of our psychologists in Fitzroy, Camberwell and McKinnon by calling (03) 9809 4888 or enquiring online.

Other services available from our team include parenting advice, life coaching and counselling and stress management, just to name a few.