Parenting advice Fitzroy, Camberwell and McKinnon

Sometimes as parents we can be extremely hard on ourselves and assume that other parents are finding parenting extremely easy whilst we battle with a variety of issues. The truth is that almost all parents experience difficulties in their parenting over different stages of their children’s lives. Our experienced team of psychologists at Reflection Psychology Group have the skills and understanding to assist parents overcome their challenges. This can be achieved through either individual counselling with parents or through your attendance of our highly successful workshops for parents.

Our trained psychologists can assist you to:

  • Understand what to expect as your children grow into young adulthood.
  • Consider and develop strategies to create meaningful change.
  • Explore aspects of your family relationships.
  • Parent effectively after a divorce or as a single parent.
  • Understand and resolve differences in parenting between yourself and your partner.
  • Give you tools and guidance to assist your children with a problem that they may be experiencing.

Reflection Psychology Group has experienced psychologists in Fitzroy, Camberwell and McKinnon who will assist parents with their needs.

If you are looking for useful and practical parenting advice, make a booking online with Reflection Psychology Group or call (03) 9809 4888. In our extensive range of services we also offer postnatal depression counselling, conflict resolution, eating disorder counselling and our psychologists can help with stress management.