Reflection Psychology Group psychologist FAQ

Here are some answers to common questions asked by prospective or existing clients of Reflection Psychology Group’s clinics in McKinnon, Fitzroy and Camberwell.

How long is a counselling session with a psychologist?

Sessions with a psychologist run for between 50-55 minutes. Sometimes however, your psychologist may suggest that an extra 30 minutes or a double counselling session would be useful in certain circumstances.

What should I expect on my first psychology visit?

Expect to be made to feel as comfortable as possible in a very calm and private counselling environment. Our friendly reception team will ask you to complete some simple forms prior to the session. Your psychologist will then come out to meet you. The majority of the first session will be spent getting to know one another and having as many of your questions about the process answered by your therapist. If you can walk out of the first session feeling a connection with your psychologist, with them having a greater understanding of how they help you, you have had a good first session.

What kind of personal counselling services do you offer?

Reflection Psychology Group offers complete counselling services for individuals. Our psychologists can help with diagnosing and counselling for anxiety disorders, depressive illnesses , addictions , stress problems , anger management issues and other conditions that may affect your wellbeing. We also offer personal coaching to improve the everyday experience of those who feel they could be doing or getting more out of life.

Do you offer corporate coaching or therapy sessions to improve businesses and other organisations?

Our corporate coaching counsellors can help your organisation to overcome conflicts, deal with critical incidents, facilitate employee assistance programs, as well as general corporate coaching.

My son or daughter has had behavioural problems. Do you have a child psychologist or someone to provide teenage counselling?

Our child counselling team offers a high level of expertise when it comes to parenting advice and child and adolescent counselling . We can also help improve relationships between couples and families to resolve any issues in the home and affect positive change for all involved.

Is the information I share with my therapist treated confidentially?

At Reflection Psychology Group we strictly adhere by the guidelines of the National Privacy Principles. We care about your privacy, and do everything to protect your private details.

How many sessions with a clinical psychologist will I need?

Whilst some issues can be resolved after just a few sessions other issues can sometimes be more complicated and deeply entrenched. Whilst our psychologists will attempt to help you overcome your issues as quickly as possible, they also do not believe in “band-aid therapy” or unsustainable quick fixes. We know that sometimes effectively overcoming a long-standing issue can take a lot more time but your psychologist will always discuss this with you based on your needs.

Is there a difference between a counsellor and a psychologist?

From an academic and professional perspective, there is a distinct difference between a counsellor and a psychologist. A psychologist must complete at least six years of training and becomes an expert in how people behave and the emotions that affect their behaviour. Training to become a counsellor can range from a course over a few days through to a Masters and focuses on helping people understand and change their lives. However, from a practical perspective, a psychologist counsels clients and, therefore, is often known as a counsellor. So, yes, there is a difference between a psychologist and a counsellor but we’re happy to be known as counsellors and for our clients to use our “counselling services”.

Do I get to choose which of your counsellors I work with?

Clients must be comfortable with their psychologist and at Reflection Psychology Group we have a large team of vastly experienced psychologists across our clinics and within our team you will find a psychologist you are happy with and comfortable to work with.

Can I claim from Medicare or private health insurance for counselling services with your psychologists?

Our counselling sessions and group sessions or classes are supported by Medicare when you have a referral, in the form of a Mental Health Care Plan, from your GP, psychiatrist or paediatrician. Eligible people can receive:

  • Ten individual counselling sessions in a calendar year. Your referring doctor will assess your progress after the first six sessions.
  • Ten group therapy sessions in a calendar.
  • You may also be able to claim from your private insurance, but you will need to contact your insurance provider to find out what you are covered for.

If you would like to find out more about Reflection Psychology Group’s services or book a consultation, contact our clinics in Camberwell, McKinnon and Fitzroy.