Harry Nazikian

Clinical Psychologist

Harry Nazikian is a highly qualified clinical psychologist who has over 25 years of experience in the Psychology field. Before moving into private practice, Harry gained extensive clinical experience by working for several years in adult, and later, in child and adolescent mental health services. Due to his experience working with a broad range of issues and difficulties, Harry has also worked for several years as a clinical supervisor of probationary psychologists in training.

Harry works with adults and adolescents. He is experienced in working with a broad range of issues and accepts referrals from both psychiatrists and doctors.

Harry’s therapeutic method combines humanistic and psychodynamic approaches in order to produce an experience for his clients’ that feels warm, empathic, supportive and insightful. Harry helps to identify and address the deeper emotional issues underlying the client’s presenting concerns and difficulties. As a result of this process, clients are given the opportunity to understand themselves and their situation more fully as well as being able to make better choices for themselves. They can also feel more able to face their challenges with greater resilience.

Harry sees therapy as a journey of self-discovery and emotional growth leading to a stronger, more confident sense of self capable of exploring and pursuing new possibilities in life.

Harry’s clients describe him as authentic, professional and engaging.

Harry is available for appointments in our Camberwell location on Saturdays from 10:00am-5:00pm.

Harry’s Special Interests

ADHD in adolescents and adults, Asperger’s Syndrome in adolescents and adults, carer’s support, depression, eating disorders, fertility issues, grief & loss, obsessions impeding social & occupational functioning, life transition & adjustment issues, parenting issues & support, persistent anxiety, personality disorders, post-natal depression, recovering from mental illness, relationship issues, self-esteem & self development, sexual issues and work stress.

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