Treena Mossop


Counselling Psychologist

Qualifications / Training

Treena has more than 25 years clinical experience as a registered psychologist providing psychological therapy and counselling across a number of public mental health services, hospitals, community health services, trauma and refugee services, in addition to private practice. Her expertise includes assisting individuals with adjustment and identity issues, trauma recovery, injury and chronic illness management, anxiety and depression, grief and loss.

Treena is also involved in training counsellors at postgraduate level and supervising psychologists both for Professional Registration and for the purpose of ongoing professional development.

Treena has extensive experience in assisting those who have been directly affected by a range of life changing experiences as well as the partners, children and families who have been affected in their intimate relationships.

Treena currently works with adults, older adolescents (18+ years) and older adults providing both brief and longer-term therapy. She has particular expertise and interest in supporting people to build the confidence and capacity to manage the many challenging transitions, which can be experienced across the lifespan including facing challenges such as a identity issues, family breakdown, or a serious illness, trying to deal with feeling stuck and not knowing how to move forward – or just going through a difficult time.

Treena works from an integrated Psychodynamic-cognitive perspective, which means she is interested in establishing a deep, respectful relationship with clients, taking an active interest in the individual’s life history and lived experience – working collaboratively towards relief from symptoms and the resolution of problematic life patterns.

Treena’s clients would describe her as genuine, respectful and professional.

Treena’s special Interests

Working together with a trained therapist can help recognize and work through recurring problems in relationships, provide new skills for handling problems such as work or relationship related stress, explore alternative possibilities and develop the self awareness and self esteem necessary for achieving changes people are wanting to make in their lives including:

  • Depression and emotional difficulties including PND
  • Adjustment issues-related to ill health, injury, critical incidents & stressful life events
  • Life and developmental transitions- study, career, marriage, separation, birth of a baby
  • Bereavement, Grief and Loss –including, early infant and preterm loss
  • Conception related difficulties, choices and infertility issues
  • Intimacy and Relationship issues – recurring and problematic patterns of difficulty in relating to others – parenting issues, work and friendship problems
  • Stress, anxiety and panic
  • Concerns regarding identity, sexual identity, body image and sense of self
  • Trauma recovery

 Treena is available for appointments at our Camberwell location Mondays and Tuesdays.


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