Anger management courses Camberwell, McKinnon and Fitzroy

If you are struggling to control your anger, it can definitely ruin your life. Whilst anger is a natural human response to certain circumstances, it becomes problematic when it isn’t short-lived or appropriately expressed. Problems controlling anger can be fixed through anger management courses; however it takes courage and strength for a person to ask for help.

Primary anger is a natural emotion that is a direct response to an event and usually passes after we acknowledge and release the anger in a healthy way. It can be used to defend ourselves from an emotional or physical attack.

Anger management problems arise from secondary anger. Secondary anger may be inappropriate or not justified for the situation at hand. A person who feels secondary anger may feel angry all the time, or for no apparent reason. If people are unable to control this anger they may emotionally or physically harm those around them.

Anger management classes

The team at Reflection Psychology Group has developed unique and highly successful anger management classes. This psychologist-led exceptionally effective program is made up of both a six-session group workshop and a six-session individual counselling component. Whilst it is ideal to undertake the full comprehensive program, clients are able to engage in just one of the components.

Contact our team of psychologists at Reflection Psychology Group for information about our anger management course or other courses such as the counsellor-guided Couples ReConnecting or the psychology-based Mindfulness 101.