Couples therapy workshop Camberwell, Fitzroy and McKinnon

An experienced group of expert relationship psychologists at Reflection Psychology Group have developed the Couples ReConnecting couples therapy workshop. Our experience tells us that almost all couples at some point in their relationships start feeling a sense of disconnectedness. This is usually a result of a combination of factors and life pressures such as child rearing, financial difficulties and general complacency.

Experience shows us that it is not hard for a couple to start losing their “relationship entity” and instead develop into what appears to be more of a co-existing, functional type relationship. Without the right tools and sometimes some expert counselling guidance from professional counsellors it is easy for this to spiral into higher levels of disconnection and then move into deeper conflict and damage stages.

Couples therapy workshop

The Couples ReConnecting Workshop runs over two Saturdays. The couple’s therapy workshop has been designed for couples who are feeling some disconnection and would like to develop healthy tools to reignite their connection in a sustainable way. This psychologist-led workshop is not suited to couples with more severe presentations. If this is the case, then couples counselling with one of our relationship psychologists is advised.


The full cost of the two-day Couples ReConnecting Workshop is $350 per person. A Health Care Plan referral from your GP may entitle you to rebates for the workshop. Please be advised that workshop fees are non-refundable.

Contact Reflection Psychology Group for more information about couples therapy workshop Couples ReConnecting or our other courses such as the therapist-led Mindfulness 101 or the psychologist-created Practical Parenting.