Corporate counselling services Camberwell and McKinnon

The 21st-century corporate world brings unique challenges to business owners, managers and staff members. Reflection Psychology Group provides its psychologist and counselling services to the corporate sector as well as individuals to help with the rigours of modern working life.

Whether you need counselling services for team-building, a therapist for a traumatised employee or coaching to take your team to the next level, psychologists from the Camberwell, McKinnon, Fairfield or Melbourne City clinics of Reflection Psychology Group will help.

Contact our counselling team today to give your business the mental edge over the competition with coaching and workshops or to help employees in need of a clinical psychologist following bullying, workplace trauma or other incidents requiring an employee assistance program.

Conflict Resolution

If your company is experiencing underlying tension or a lack of cohesion either between individuals, within teams or at an inter-departmental level, assistance from an experienced conflict resolution psychologist can help restore morale, motivation and productivity. Reflection Psychology Group has highly skilled corporate counsellors and coaches who work with individuals and groups to provide a...
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Corporate Coaching

Corporate Coaching involves assisting individuals or groups who wish to improve their executive performance. Whether one is advancing in their work roles, requiring some more leadership development or simply wishes to improve their personal or work performance, the Reflection Psychology Group team has experienced corporate psychologists and coaches who can help you achieve your goals....
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Critical Incidents of Trauma

Reflection Psychology Group provides support and counselling to people who have endured a traumatic event in the workplace or elsewhere. Our psychologists specialise in helping couples, individuals, teams and families with the difficulty and stress associated with a traumatic event. The sudden, overwhelming stress of traumatic events can produce harmful emotional and physical responses in...
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Employee Assistance Program

Reflection Psychology Group is an organisation made up of around 20 experienced registered psychologists based in five locations. We offer the highest standard of EAP counselling services across Melbourne. Reflection Psychology Group is able to develop and arrange tailor-made EAP packages that suit both the budget and need of small, medium or large organisations. Research...
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Workplace Bullying

Workplace bullying can have serious consequences for any business. The reputation of a company can be seriously impacted upon. The financial burden can often be extreme as well. Moreover, bullying in the workplace, if not addressed quickly and appropriately, can lead to increased absenteeism, reduced productivity and poor team morale. The expert team of psychologists...
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Corporate Workshops

Mental Health issues are probably the most common yet least understood factors in life. It is fairly common that mental health or stress levels can be a major source of difficulty within the workforce and only further enhances the likelihood of tension and conflict in the working arena. The team of experienced psychologists at Reflection...
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