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The benefits of family therapy with a psychologist in Melbourne

March 20, 2024 At Reflection Psychology, your trusted psychologist in Melbourne, we understand the unique dynamics that each family brings. We are dedicated to fostering stronger bonds, understanding, and healing through family therapy. The benefits of such an approach are profound and lasting, offering a beacon of hope and support for families navigating the complexities of life’s challenges....
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Psychologist Fitzroy

Your Fitzroy psychologist helping you navigate life’s challenges with DBT

February 19, 2024 Our team of psychologists in Fitzroy is committed to guiding you through life’s ups and downs with compassion and expertise. We have numerous psychologists who specialise in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), a transformative approach to overcoming mental health challenges. What is Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) DBT is a form of cognitive behavioural therapy that emphasises...
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adolescent counselling in Fitzroy

Overcoming back-to-school anxiety with adolescent counselling in Fitzroy

January 23, 2024 For some students, adolescent counselling in Fitzroy can make the world of difference when facing the common yet challenging hurdles of back-to-school anxiety. At Reflection Psychology, we understand these concerns and are here to guide both parents and adolescents through this trying period. Understanding anxiety in adolescents Anxiety is a natural human response preparing us...
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managing festive season stress

Managing stress over the festive season

December 18, 2023 As the festive season approaches, many of us look forward to the joy and celebration it brings. However, it’s important to acknowledge that this time of year can also be a source of stress and anxiety for many. Reflection Psychology’s Director and Principal Psychologist, Gary Rubin, shares valuable insights and strategies to help manage these...
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EMDR therapy Fitzroy

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy in Fitzroy

November 10, 2023 Reflection Psychology is introducing a transformative approach to mental health care with EMDR therapy. Spearheaded by our newest psychologist, Melanie Strang, this innovative therapy offers a beacon of hope for those grappling with psychological distress. Understanding EMDR therapy EMDR therapy, conceptualised by Francine Shapiro in 1989, is a unique form of psychotherapy designed to alleviate...
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LGBTQIA+ affirming counselling

Finding your safe space: LGBTQIA+ counselling in Fitzroy

October 9, 2023 Are you part of the LGBTQIA+ community and looking for a safe space to explore your thoughts, feelings, and experiences? Reflection Psychology in Fitzroy offers specialised counselling services tailored for LGBTQIA+ individuals. With a team of psychologists who specialise in LGBTQIA+ counselling, you can be assured of a welcoming and affirming environment. What is LGBTQIA+...
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Melbourne City counselling services

Empathy and expertise: Leading psychologists in Melbourne

August 25, 2023 At Reflection Psychology Group, we understand that life’s challenges can sometimes feel overwhelming. That’s why our team of highly experienced and compassionate psychologists in Melbourne is dedicated to supporting you, your family or your organisation on your journey to wellness. With clinics spread throughout Melbourne, we provide individual and group consultations tailored to your needs....
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A couple talking to each other while sitting on a bench in the park.

Navigating relationship challenges: How couples counselling in Fitzroy can help

July 31, 2023 Relationships are beautiful, but they can also be complex and challenging. At Reflection Psychology Group, we understand that couples often face various difficulties throughout their journey together. As a leading provider of relationship counselling in Fitzroy, we offer specialised couples counselling to help partners address their issues in a safe and supportive environment. Let’s explore...
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A postnatal depression counselling session in Melbourne.

Overcoming the challenges of postnatal depression: Insights from Melbourne counselling experts

June 14, 2023 Bringing a new life into the world is a remarkable experience, but for many new mothers, the period after birth can be accompanied by unexpected challenges. Postnatal depression, a common yet often misunderstood condition, affects a significant number of women during this transformative time. However, with the right support, guidance, and postnatal depression counselling in...
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Young person searches for help on phone from Melbourne psychologists

Trust our expert Melbourne psychologists to help

May 29, 2023 As the world continues to evolve and change rapidly, individuals are facing new challenges and stressors in their daily lives. This has led to an increased need for mental health support and guidance. Fortunately, our psychologists in Melbourne are readily available to provide patients with professional and compassionate care. At Reflection Psychology Group, we are...
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