Gender transitioning support in Camberwell, McKinnon and Fitzroy

Here at Reflection Psychology Group, we are a compassionate and understanding psychologist service committed to providing counselling services tailored to individuals who are embarking on the journey of gender transition. At our practices in Camberwell, McKinnon and Fitzroy, we recognize the unique challenges and emotional complexities that can arise during this transformative process.

Our experienced therapists are here to offer guidance, support, and a safe space for those undergoing gender transition. We understand that gender-affirming hormone therapy treatments are a significant aspect of this journey, and we are dedicated to assisting individuals throughout this process.

Whether you are seeking clarity, coping strategies, or emotional support during your gender transition, our team is here to provide personalized counselling to help you navigate this profound and empowering experience. Your journey is unique, and we are here to ensure that you receive the understanding and care you deserve as you embark on this path of self-discovery and self-fulfilment.

Contact Reflection Psychology Group for gender transitioning support or other services including LGBTQIA+ counselling and anxiety treatment.