Melbourne psychologist: the ‘power of vulnerability’ will beat anxiety

June 13, 2015

All of the clients at our Melbourne psychology practices would have heard me go on and on about understanding and living the true ‘power of vulnerability’. Usually when they first hear of it, they may understand it logically but quite often it’s only during and at the end of our journey together that they really understand its true meaning. And from the feedback I receive, they feel exceptionally blessed that they have finally come to understand and embrace what this all means.

As a highly sensitive child I developed what appeared to be an amazing coping mechanism whereby I would be able to detach from my emotions by rationalising situations to such an extreme that I almost felt invincible to any of my experiences. A few years of random anxiety attacks and some Obsessive Compulsive behaviours later, and so began my journey of deep self-enquiry and ultimately true authenticity and happiness. The journey included connectivity and empathy with my inner self and deeper emotions. I believe the result of this has been a much richer capacity to be highly intuitive as well as a strong ability to connect with my authentic self and with others – something that has been so invaluable in my work as a therapist in Melbourne.

The reality in life is that it can have some really painful, challenging and shameful periods in it and the reality of humankind is that we are pain avoiders who often engage in a process which I call ‘the numbing of pain’. Unfortunately blocking our connection to uncomfortable emotions blocks our access to all our emotions, including full access to the really positive ones. Underneath all our layers of protection, human beings all have a couple of fundamental needs in common, and that is to feel connection and to have a sense of worthiness.

Ironically, research and experience tells me that connection and feelings of worthiness are inhibited by a lack of self-authenticity which itself is often restricted by fear and shame. This would suggest that if we were able to embrace our vulnerability then authenticity may be possible. This in turn will lead us to the ‘connection and worthiness’ and ultimately genuine happiness that we are all striving to experience.

Recently in a meeting with a colleague of mine when passionately describing to her the value of ‘vulnerability’ in counselling sessions with our clients, she mentioned to me that someone by the name of Brene Brown shared the same passion and experiences about this. And whilst my ego took a mini beating in the realisation that I was not the original or only founder of the ‘power of vulnerability’ my excitement grew when I watched an online video of Brene passionately talking about the very concept of something I have both lived and continue to spread every day of my life.

The journey of counselling from my experience is all about achieving the ‘power of vulnerability’ as we are gently guided by a professional down a path that at first may seem very scary and easy to avoid however soon becomes the launching pad of a life filled with much more fulfilment and meaning.

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