Melbourne clinical psychologist can help you cope with Christmas

September 20, 2015

Christmas is traditionally a time for families, friendship and fun and it’s only three months away. While many count down the days with enthusiasm, to some the festive season comes gift-wrapped in sorrow and stress and tied with a ribbon of loneliness.

Our team at Reflection Psychology Group can help. As your Melbourne-based clinical psychologist, we can support you through the festive season with a range of counselling services, offer strategies to help and listen to your concerns. You are important and you are not alone.

Christmas packs a punch when it comes to emotions. If you feel you are struggling to cope, then share the burden. It’s a strong approach to seek help and advice. And, with support from a professional, you can face December 25 with more confidence and ease.

Perhaps this is your first Christmas without a loved one and you’re feeling their loss grow as the milestone celebration looms and grief surges. Maybe you’re alone in Melbourne, with family many kilometres away, and will spend Christmas apart from them for the first time. Are you bracing for tension and arguments that happen whenever your family comes together for the festive season? Does everyone expect you do all the preparation and you’re already exhausted and over-worked?

Money worries can also have a huge impact on the Christmas experience for some. If you are experiencing financial hardship, the extra burden of buying gifts can darken the spirit of Christmas and cause despair.

The important thing is, you don’t have to navigate these feelings and experiences by yourself. A Melbourne clinical psychologist from our experienced team will listen to you, work with you and provide valuable tools to help improve your quality of life.

From grief and loss, stress management, anxiety treatment and trauma and relationship counselling, our team can help you to take positive steps on the sometimes rocky path that is the festive season. You don’t have to make the journey alone.

If you are worried about coping with Christmas, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Reflection Psychology Group to talk to an experienced Melbourne-based clinical psychologist. We are here to help.