Don’t wait – seek counselling in Camberwell ahead of R U OK? Day

August 29, 2016

It’s an important question that can change your life – are you OK? If the answer’s an emphatic no, or even an `I’m not sure’, then our professional, compassionate and caring counselling in Camberwell can be a great starting point to a better future.

Across the nation and the world, those three simple words can start live-changing and life-saving conversations. With you, with friends, with family. So use them. Ask the question of yourself and of people around you. For those words are extremely powerful if you, and others, listen carefully to the reply.

R U OK? Day, which falls on September 8, is all about inspiring people to ask each other whether they are okay. It’s a conversation starter, connecting people to those around them and helping boost their health and sense of well-being. The day of action aims to improve people’s sense of connection and mental health and help prevent suicide. And all of us can play a valuable part – friends, family and health professionals.

If you are feeling isolated, lonely or depressed, talking to an experienced psychologist is healthy step forward. If the world seems bleak and the pressure’s overwhelming, Reflection Psychology Group’s professional counselling in Camberwell can help you get your life back on track. There’s no judging and no criticism – we’re here to listen, to provide constructive assistance and strategies in a friendly, non-threatening environment and to make your life more positive.

So don’t struggle through alone. Because you don’t have to. Let us help you regain control of your future through the services offered at our Camberwell clinic, used by clients from suburbs including Surrey Hills, Burwood and Ashburton.

As R U OK? Day fast approaches, please kick-start those valuable conversations – with yourself and those around you. And remember, it’s a question that packs a powerful punch and can lead to amazing change.

If you feel that counselling in Camberwell could get your life back on track, or be beneficial to family or friends, please contact us at Reflection Psychology Group.