Child psychologists get kids back on a positive path

June 29, 2017

Parents try hard to help their children but sometimes kids need specialist knowledge and skills from experienced child psychologists to reach their full potential.

And when you think of the stresses that children and adolescents face nowadays –¬†with social media issues, academic expectations and peer-group pressure taking a toll – it’s not surprising that their lives can get confusing and chaotic at times. But don’t despair, instead turn to caring child psychologists at Reflection Psychology Group for guidance and strategies to get your youngster back on a more positive path.

Parenting is not an easy task and it can be difficult to stay positive and confident as your children face challenges during their development and growth. Purposeful Parenting Month, celebrated in the USA in July, is all about recognising the valuable, meaningful relationship between children and parents.

Let’s face it, we all want to have a close, happy, functional bond with our children, no matter what their age. But it can take hard work, understanding and sometimes professional help to achieve that goal.

Purposeful parenting is build around a series of steps including consistency, unconditional love, being firm and fair, responsibility and accountability, structure and order, boundaries and problem-solving skills.

But even with these steps in place, and parents striving as hard as they can, some youngsters may still need child psychologists to help them deal with certain issues and get back on track. Whether you’re from Surrey Hills, Coburg, Heidelberg or somewhere else in mighty Melbourne, a knowledgeable helping hand can make all the difference for children and teens.

At Reflection Psychology Group, our professional staff can work with children in areas including grief and loss, body image concerns, low self esteem, depression, transition to a new school or city, attachment issues, family relationship problems, bullying and the arrival of a new brother or sister.

We base our counselling on well-established strategies and methods. We also strive to keep parents informed and part of the process when it is in the best interest of the young person concerned.

If you feel your child or adolescent would benefit from seeing one of our child psychologists, please contact us to make an appointment. We have clinics in Melbourne CBD, Camberwell, McKinnon, Sandringham and Fairfield and we are here to help.