The Fairfield clinical psychologist-guided workshops helping people regain balance

June 15, 2018

Reflection Psychology Group’s Fairfield clinical psychologists run guided workshops on a variety of topics that help people resolve issues, reconnect with loved ones and discover harmony in their lives. From anger management classes to parenting classes, mindfulness workshops, couples therapy and many more, our psychologists will tailor specific programs that are designed to help you achieve your desired outcome.

Our workshops are unique because they focus both on individual treatment and group classes, allowing people to work together to reach a desired goal.  For example, our anger management workshop involves clients participating in six sessions of group therapy that allows participants to work with other people who may be struggling with similar issues, as well as six one-on-one sessions that are focused on you specifically. And while attending both is recommended, we are flexible enough to offer one or the other.

We also offer a couples workshop that gives couples seeking closer proximity to their partner the chance to reconnect. We will give you the tools needed through two Saturday sessions to regain that important connection with your partner.

With all of our workshops focused on helping people restore balance to their often chaotic and unpredictable lives, we also offer a mindfulness workshop that gives people the foundations to be able to live more of their life in the present, without being constantly caught up in memories of the past or ideas of the future. This is a longer-running workshop that is conducted over six weeks, to help people develop the necessary psychological skills to practice mindfulness on a daily basis.

We offer a variety of workshops, including the one mentioned above. We even have something for the younger ones! With our Social Eyes Wise workshop being a fun experience for kids aged between 5 and 11 years old that gives them the necessary social skills heading in to adolescence, through the opportunity to interacting with other kids in an exciting environemnt.

So if you’re looking for innovative and effective psychology workshops carried out by a team of experienced Fairfield clinical psychologists, then¬†contact Reflection Psychology Group today.