Save your relationship with counselling in Melbourne City

May 19, 2021

While many couples go through challenging times that threaten their bond, relationship counselling in Melbourne City can get them back on track.

Experienced psychologists help clients to gain clarity and a deeper understanding of themselves and their loved ones. They provide a neutral and safe environment for people to work through issues, assisting them to find solutions to the factors that have put their relationship under strain.

So what causes problems in the first place? There can be so many reasons that trigger fractures, some obvious and others hidden below the surface. Perhaps you’ve been through a major trauma or stress levels are running high. Have you stopped communicating effectively and just drifted further apart? Are you arguing and sniping at each other? Are issues such as financial stress, differences in sexual desire, addiction, infidelity or complacency taking a toll? Turning to a professional for help can be a valuable step towards reclaiming your relationship.

Building greater understanding

Reflection Psychology’s experienced team provides quality relationship counselling in Melbourne City. Whether you want to rebuild a struggling or broken marriage, a work partnership with a colleague or long-time friendship, trained counsellors can help. Our psychologists will listen, help clients to communicate effectively with each other and arm them with strategies and tools to address and overcome problems.

A trained counsellor can help you to:

  • Enhance communication, assisting to bridge any disconnect and clarify feelings and emotions;
  • Foster greater understanding of yourself and your partner;
  • Boost your self esteem and nurture personal growth;
  • Build stronger connections and intimacy;
  • Reclaim happiness in your life;
  • And rebuild relationships before problems become insurmountable.

Not all relationships will succeed. Sometimes the challenges and differences are simply too great. However, quality counselling helps people understand their feelings so they can make informed choices about their future. And if separating is the healthiest option, psychologists can assist in making the split an amicable, non-combative one.

If you want to know more about relationship counselling in Melbourne City, please contact us on (03) 9809 4888.

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