The value of a qualified McKinnon clinical psychologist

May 30, 2022

If you are looking for a McKinnon clinical psychologist, turn to Reflection Psychology Group’s expert team for assistance. Our trusted staff are experienced, qualified and compassionate. We want to help each and every person who comes through our doors to enjoy a more positive life. And we work hard to meet that goal.

Clinical psychologists at our McKinnon clinic provide expert help to adults and children suffering from a wide range of issues that impact their mental health. We listen carefully to our clients. Then, using a range of scientifically-supported tests, techniques and tools, we tailor an individual program for each client so they can move forward.

Psychologists complete extra years of post-graduate training and supervised clinical work to become clinical psychologists. They’re highly trained, extremely observant and they put clients’ mental health and wellbeing front and centre during every session.

Highly effective counselling

Our team helps people with a wide range of mental health problems to achieve positive, lasting change. Whether you are a teen struggling with issues centred on sexuality or you’re an adult battling an addiction to gambling, we can help. Perhaps you are struggling to cope after the birth of your child or you’re overwhelmed with school expectations. Maybe you’ve reeling in the wake of significant trauma. Booking an appointment with our team is a great step forward.

Reflection Psychology Group provides help in areas such as depression, anxiety, anger management and substance dependency. We also provide highly-effective counselling for people struggling with social difficulties, eating disorders, stress, trauma, grief and loss, relationship issues and more.

Mental health issues can raise their head at any age. Young children can feel anxious about leaving their parents at kindergarten or school. Teens can become overwhelmed as they navigate the COVID landscape, social pressures and even cyber bullying. And the elderly can battle the effects of loneliness.

But help is available if you just reach out. Our mental health professionals can deepen your understanding of your situation, triggers and patterns of negative behaviour. We’ll arm you with a treatment plan that’s a custom fit and support you on the path to better health.

If you would like to book an appointment with a McKinnon clinical psychologist from our talented team, please contact us today.

Experienced McKinnon clinical psychologist