Use counselling services in Melbourne to help conquer fear of failure

November 27, 2015 Businessman Holding Sledgehammer Hitting Fear Concrete Word With

As 2015 draws closer to an end, we start to consider fresh career goals and challenges for the new year. While this is an exciting prospect for many, professionals who are gripped by a fear of failure can draw on expert help through counselling services in Melbourne to improve their lives.

A fear of new experiences is not unusual. In fact, sometimes it can make us work harder, and achieve more, to overcome them. And when you work in a high-stress, high-pressure environment, it’s normal to feel the effects that go hand-in-hand with a hectic, professional life. But are you managing those feelings well? Or are they impacting on your work life and home life, immobilising you from extending yourself into new situations, new projects and new challenges? Would you rather stand still professionally than risk failing? Do you sabotage yourself by listening to that annoying voice in your head telling you that you’re not capable enough and will look silly if you don’t succeed?

At Reflection Psychology our experienced team leads counselling services Melbourne professionals have come to rely on to conquer this debilitating fear of failure and get their lives back on track. We know that everyone, no matter how smart and successful they are, will make mistakes during their lives. That’s just what happens. But we also know those experiences are important life lessons in learning. And we can help you find the positive, so you can build on these experiences and grow, allowing you to face the next new challenge with more confidence and optimism.

No-one likes to fail. We worry about letting others down, the thought of appearing foolish is humiliating and perhaps we’ve wound our expectations right up to level `perfection’. Sound familiar?  But when those negative feelings and fears lead to headaches, procrastination, stomach aches and loss of confidence, then it’s time to take action. It’s time to talk to us at Reflection Psychology.

Through our counselling services in Melbourne, we will listen to your fears and work with you to map out strategies so you can fully embrace your professional life with enthusiasm. It’s about understanding the roots of that fear, which ekes away at self-esteem and confidence. And then, by taking small, steady steps through counselling, we will work with you to turn that fear of failure around.

If you think fear of failure is holding back your life and career, then start the new year with a new mindset. Please contact us at Reflection Psychology to find out how our counselling services in Melbourne can enhance your life and your professional opportunities.