Our child psychologist in McKinnon can help cyber-bulling victims

November 30, 2015 Teenage Girl Being Bullied By Text Message

If your child is experiencing the ugly effects of cyber bullying, then turn to an experienced child psychologist in McKinnon for help.

Cyber bullying can take a terrible toll on a child’s mental health, confidence and social inclusion. It’s now one of the most prolific issues facing kids at schools across the nation. And, with the rise in digital technology, it comes in so many forms. Cyber bullies can impact their targets through unwanted photos, videos, comments and even exclusion. And because so many people are armed with mobile devices, it can happen anywhere, anytime.

Cyber bullies commonly use social media sites, internet chat rooms and emails to torment their victims, often anonymously. It’s confronting, frightening and secretive and can eat away a child’s self-esteem and sense of security.

The effects of cyber bullying are wide and varied. Children being bullied can experience high levels of anxiety, depression, loss of confidence, disrupted sleep patterns and changes in mood. They might not want to go to school. They might cut themselves from their social scene. They might withdraw from their families.

It’s such a worrying time for children and their parents. So don’t battle on alone. Reflection Psychology’s team can help. We have an experienced child psychologist in McKinnon who can work with your child to find strategies to help them deal with the effects of cyber bullying.

Our psychologist will listen calmly, offer support and provide perspective and tools to help them deal with being bullied via technology. The psychologist will treat your child with dignity, take their complaints seriously and help them grow in areas including confidence, assertiveness and resilience. It’s about assisting your child to cope with what has happened, what is happening and provide strategies for the future.

Parents often feel helpless in the face of sustained cyber-bullying campaigns against their children. They know their children are suffering, and they suffer with them. A psychologist can also provide parents with positive approaches to support their vulnerable child.

Cyber bullying is an ugly aspect of today’s technology-driven world. It’s also becoming more and more common. And sometimes seeking help from a professional to deal with its effects is a great first step to a more positive future. Reflection Psychology’s experienced team, including a child psychologist in McKinnon, can help your child start reclaiming their life and their happiness. Please contact us so we can begin the journey together.