Our Melbourne City psychologists: Find one that’s right for you

November 20, 2019

One of the best things about our Melbourne City psychologists is that each has different life experiences, ways of approaching treatment and specialties.

But while they all bring individual strengths to Reflection Psychology’s CBD clinic, they are united in their commitment to help clients along a positive pathway to a happy, healthy life.

When you take that first step to seek help, you want to find a professional you can relate to and work with successfully.

Whether you like speaking with someone who challenges you or prefer a comforting presence, we can help. Our Melbourne CBD psychologists will make you feel at ease as you work on the issues that are confronting you.

You can meet a couple of our friendly, experienced staff by viewing the videos at the end of this blog. Clinical psychologist Nicki Gazis, and psychologist Philippa Page are valuable members of our CBD team. Both have a wealth of experience in helping a wide range of clients.

Whether you are suffering from crippling anxiety that is impacting on your daily life or you have issues with addiction, we can help. Perhaps you just need someone to talk to or are after a life coach?

Do you want quality psychologists to lead corporate workshops for your staff? Are you having relationship issues? Whatever your needs, our knowledgeable and personable professionals have the skills to assist you.

If you need the services of our Melbourne City psychologists, please contact us today to book an appointment. If you would like to know more about our team, take a look at their introductions below.