Melbourne CBD clinical psychologists offer substance abuse help

August 15, 2019

If substance abuse is taking a toll on your life, turn to our Melbourne CBD clinical psychologists for assistance to break free from its devastating grip.

People can become addicted to a wide range of substances and activities. While alcohol, drugs and cigarettes are common addictions, people can also develop a harmful dependence on activities including gambling, pornography, gaming and even social media.

This is a growing problem across the world and its destructive ripples can heavily impact on the person with the substance dependency, their loved ones, friends and work colleagues. Whether you are a youth or decades old, it can still hit hard, strip away your quality of life and endanger your health.

At Reflection Psychology our Melbourne CBD clinical psychologists create a safe place where people feel comfortable to seek help. Our experienced staff are caring, non-judgmental and skilled when it comes to dependency counselling.

We help people understand the cause of their addiction and how to recognise its triggers and negative thought and behaviour patterns. Then we equip them with coping mechanisms so they can effectively control their specific dependences. While counselling may be confronting at times, it can also liberate people from the stranglehold of substance abuse.

If you need Melbourne CBD clinical psychologists to help you tackle substance abuse issues, please contact our team today.