Anxiety treatment for Melbourne City workers

May 20, 2020

With work-related stress a serious problem for many, anxiety treatment Melbourne City workers can trust is only a call away.

And in today’s world of COVID-19 concerns and resulting economic turmoil, anxiety about issues including job security and health are growing.

Reflection Psychology Group’s counsellors are here to help you through this difficult time and beyond. We have years of experience when it comes to the successful treatment of anxiety disorders.

Why workplace stress and anxiety is a major issue for Melbourne workers

A study by the University of Melbourne and VicHealth found that ‘preventable job stress’ cost Australia’s economy $730 million a year.

While the study focused on stress, heightened levels of ongoing stress can lead to internal feelings of dread. However, if those feelings of dread don’t subside after the stressful event has occurred, experts categorise this as anxiety.

Anxiety treatment for Melbourne City workers can have a positive, lasting impact on their lives. So don’t feel stressed, defeated and alone in your workplace. Seek professional help to turn your life around.

People’s anxiety can skyrocket at work for a range of reasons. They might feel overworked, given no direction, or pressured by deadlines, managing staff and dealing with conflicts.

Every year over one million Australians will experience anxiety, substance related-disorders or depression. A report commissioned by Beyond Blue found that one in five Australians took time off work over the course of a year because of anxiety, depression and problems with mental health. TNS Social Research carried out the 2014 State of Workplace Mental Health of Australia report.

Beyond Blue stated that 91 per cent of employees in the study believed mental health in the workplace was important. However, just over 50 per cent classed their workplace as mentally healthy.

With these figures in mind, our counsellors urge people feeling anxious in their workplace to take that first step. Make the call to our caring team. And start your journey to a life with less anxiety.

If you find you worry excessively or for no reason, and feel panicked in your daily life, our team at Reflection Psychology Group can help. We provide clinically-proven anxiety treatments in Melbourne City that include changing people’s behaviour and thinking patterns, and education.

PleaseĀ contact us to book an appointment.