Anxiety treatment for Melbourne City workers

August 6, 2020

Why workplace stress and anxiety is a major issue for Melbourne workers

For many years Reflection Psychology has to provide anxiety treatment for Melbourne’s inner-city workers, allowing them to cope and deal with the anxiety that is prevalent in these types of workplaces.

According to a study by the University of Melbourne and Vic Health, “preventable job stress costs the Australian economy $730 million per year.” This is a considerable amount of money, but it’s really not about the money, this stat just shows how prevalent stress is among professionals in a range of industries.

While this study focuses on stress, heightened levels of ongoing stress can result in internal feelings of dread that don’t subside after the stressful event has occurred, this is categorised as anxiety.

Anxiety treatment from a psychologist can have a profound impact on those who may be suffering in the workplace. While the reasons for which every individual may be experiencing anxiety will be different, by changing behavioural and thinking patterns as well as gradually desensitising you to what is causing your anxiety our psychologists.

Don’t let anxiety cripple your career growth, prevent you from feeling and acting like your normal self, or stopping you from taking new opportunities. Contact us to find out more about our anxiety treatment in Melbourne today. We can help you create a plan for the future that will help you control your anxiety and mental health going forward.