When should you see a qualified clinical psychologist in Camberwell?

September 30, 2021

Rather than struggling to cope with a mental health issue alone, let an experienced clinical psychologist in Camberwell guide you towards positive change in your life.

People can feel uncertain about reaching out for help. But it can actually be extremely empowering to have a highly-trained specialist in your corner. Psychologists are passionate about helping people of all ages manage or overcome a wide range of mental health conditions.

While we might like to think we can solve our problems alone, it’s just not always the reality. We all need help at some stage of our lives. Mental health is no different, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic definitely adds to the toll on people’s wellbeing.

You might feel anxious, constantly sad, stressed, driven by a destructive compulsion or be unable to sleep. Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmingly isolated or lonely during COVID-19 lockdowns. Or perhaps you’re battling to cope with a trauma of some kind, the loss of a loved one or changes in your life. Rather than let your feelings and behaviours overcome your day-to-day life, Reflection Psychology Group’s team can get you back on track.

Highly qualified and experienced

Our clinical psychologists, based in Camberwell, help people with mental health conditions ranging from mild to severe. With years of study, training and experience behind them, our caring team capably assess and diagnose psychological problems and mental health issues. They offer advice, treatment and education, all designed to help people improve their health.

It is their ability to formulate, design and measure psychological treatments for certain disorders and conditions that sets them apart from general psychologists. Due to their detailed training, they can help with conditions including eating disorders, self-harm, behavioural issues, personality disorders, depression, anxiety, gambling addiction, suicidal thoughts and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. They can also assist with conditions which emerge in childhood such as ADHD and autism.

From offering advice on how exercise, sleep and diet can help manage or alleviate side effects to providing psychological therapy and other methods of treatment, psychologists can make a real difference.

So if you are concerned about your mental health, talk to a supportive clinical psychologist at our Camberwell clinic. Please contact Reflection Psychology Group on (03) 9809 4888 to book an appointment or visit your GP for a referral. We are here to help.

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