The value of trusted counselling services in Camberwell

October 27, 2021

Reflection Psychology Group’s counselling services in Camberwell give people the opportunity to work through problems with compassionate and qualified professionals.

No matter what mental health issue you are facing, help is available. Our psychologists are driven to help their clients live healthier, happier lives. We’re experienced, highly skilled and impartial. And we work hard to ensure each and every client feels comfortable, supported and able to discuss their situation without fear of ridicule or criticism.

Our counsellors listen carefully to what clients say. We’re active listeners and we provide education, skills and techniques to help people recognise their symptoms, understand what triggers their behaviour and find ways to break clear of unhealthy cycles and move forward.

No matter what mental health issue you might be facing the full suite of counselling services at our Camberwell clinic can make a real difference. Reflection Psychology Group’s experienced team assists clients with issues including trauma, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, anger management, eating disorders, grief and loss and parenting advice.

Safe, supported environment

Perhaps you are weighed down by workplace stresses and struggling to cope. Maybe you’re trapped in grief or a traumatic experience. Do you need help with an eating disorder, anxiety or a gender crisis? Are you battling escalating feelings of anger that are impacting on your relationships with loved ones? From feelings of inadequacy to gambling addictions, counselling can make a huge difference to your future.

Reflection Psychology Group’s team can assist in many ways, such as:

  • Provide a safe, supported environment for you to discuss your troubles;
  • Help you to clearly understand your mental health situation and develop positive ways forward;
  • Assist you to manage stress and effectively deal with internal conflicts;
  • Give you an impartial, highly-trained sounding board;
  • Provide tools to help build stronger, healthier relationships;
  • And give you a fresh take, or perspective, on the situations you’re facing. This can lead to new approaches to overcome issues in your life.

Our mental health experts provide appointment times that best suit your needs. For instance, we can offer counselling sessions in Camberwell in the evenings and even on weekends. We’ll find a time that’s a custom fit for your circumstances.

Please contact us as soon as possible to book an appointment with our Camberwell clinic team.

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