The importance of substance abuse counselling in McKinnon

January 31, 2022

Substance abuse counselling at our McKinnon clinic can help people break free from the terrible grip of alcohol and drug dependence.

At Reflection Psychology Group, our psychologists are passionate about assisting people to lead happier, healthier lives. We provide confidential and non-judgmental counselling that helps people struggling with dependence issues to walk a path to recovery.

Research shows that about five per cent of Australians suffer from addiction or substance abuse problems. Tobacco and alcohol top the list, but drug addiction also causes serious problems to people’s wellbeing. Other unhealthy dependences including gambling, compulsive use of social media, eating dependence and gaming dependence.

While it’s common to have habit-forming tendencies, when they develop into unhealthy behaviour such as dependency it is wise to seek professional help. Our experienced psychologists help clients of all ages to better understand themselves and the forces that drive their dependence issues. Often unresolved emotional problems or traumas can lie at the heart of addiction.

Changing negative thought patterns

People dealing with substance abuse can experience relationship breakdowns, feel angry and irritated and exhibit irrational mood swings. Symptoms can include:

  • Concentration issues and a reduced attention span;
  • Inability to stop their substance abuse behaviour despite repeated efforts;
  • Problems with sleep;
  • Social withdrawal;
  • And finding it hard to cope with work and domestic tasks.

Our substance abuse counselling at McKinnon helps people to get to the cause of their dependence issues and identify triggers. Psychologists work with clients to recognise destructive behaviour patterns and learn coping strategies. It’s about finding ways to change negative thought patterns and navigate stressful situations. And it’s about giving people the support they need to reduce the risk of a relapse.

So don’t struggle alone with drug and alcohol issues. Instead, contact our team to arrange professional help. Seek assistance through our substance abuse counselling in McKinnon and turn your life around.

Substance abuse counselling McKinnon